Car Seat Rug


Size: 57 x 140cm

Muddy Rug’s Car Seat Rug is the perfect solution for keeping the car clean from muddy passengers. Our rugs act as a protective barrier, collecting mud, sand, dirt, crumbs and even sweat thanks to its thick absorbent pile. They are comfortable to sit on and machine washable making them easy to clean. (See cleaning care instructions).

The universal size is suitable for most cars and is easy to fit.

For adjustable headrests, you’ll need the Car Seat Rug, that simply hooks around the headrest and is held in place with Velcro. For moulded headrests, you’ll need the Sport Seat Rug, which simply slides over the top of the headrest.

The new and improved non-slip, anti-crumble backing will help keep this cover in place. The Car Seat Rugs have allowances for seat belt clips but are not compatible with Iso-fix.

Once your mucky journey is over, just simply remove the rug to restore the clean interior underneath. For dry dirt and crumbs, vacuum or shake to remove, or place in the washing machine at 30C for a deeper clean and dry on the line.

  • Our Car Seat Protection is great for
  • Muddy Sports Players
  • Sweaty Joggers
  • Wild Swimmers
  • Decorators/Builders
  • Messy Kids
  • Great for keeping lease cars in perfect condition

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